Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge

It was a very early start for me, 7.30 am to catch the bus at Victoria Coach Station. It's quite the popular tour, 5 coaches full on this day.
Our Guide for the day was just as good to look at as the scenery, and extremely knowledgeable about all the places we visited. There were some Spanish tourists on board and he translated everything as we went along. Great Job! He also tried to tell us he was single - as if!
Only a woman would understand!
Our first stop was Windsor Castle, as Her Madge was off in Scotland for the summer holidays, so no chance of a cuppa and a chat with her, oh well. We all got to look through her State Rooms and gardens. We alighted from the bus on the other side of Winsdor and walked through the railway station and town to get to the Castle. That was interesting. Our guide told us that Windsor was lucky to have two Queens, Elton John has a house there also and loves the reference.

The Royal Train - ok it's just the engine!

A peek over the wall and a Royal Frog Pond

Just stunning
Before you all ask me about the purple flower, I've no idea what it is other than stunning. Wandering through the various halls and corridors I came upon this portrait of William the 4th and couldn't help but be reminded of Our Gough, what do you think?

William 4th of United Kingdom or Gough Whitlams' ancestor?

View from inside the castle walls

Note the crown on the light fixture

On my way back to the bus, we were given one and a half hours to be back at the bus, I stopped for a coffee and a cinnamon bun, now I mention this only as it was the biggest cinnamon bun I'd ever seen. They are famous and I believe By Royal Appointment, so I guess She's had one!

By Royal Appointment
On the road again and we are off to Bath. A baths were built by the Romans and famous for the waters. Also famous as the final resting place of Capt. Arthur Phillip and Jane Austin based two of her novels there and also lived there from 1801 to 1806.
Upon arriving the circular streets are quite stunning and our guide pointed out Capt. Arthur Phillip's house. We walked from our bus back into history as the entire City of Bath is World Heritage Listed, apparently the only entire city in the world.

Popped into the bathhouse and was advised to only drink the water from the very 20th century bubbler. OH&S strikes again!

The Entry

The original bath

And the guard is still there

Local artist in a gallery

No longer in use but it's was an underground nightclub
A visit to a couple of shops and back on the bus for our visit to Stonehenge. On the way we passed the famous Uffington  'White Horse' it was off in the distance and I wasn't quite quick enough to get a pic but you can Google it to see and get information.

As you near Stonehenge you naturally think you'll be able to see it in the distance, but no and we are informed it can be seen as we leave  but not for long. Plans are afoot that all looks at this historic monument/sundial/whatever, will be paid for from very soon onwards. Sounds sad but it does cost to keep these things safe?!


As close as you get these days


Remains of the outer circle

Sadly you aren't able to walk among the stones nor touch them any longer, there is a story of a guide who was handing out hammers and chisels to visitors so that they could take a bit with them as a momento! So as you can see it's roped off. I've also been told that it's nearly always windy here but the wind on this day was coming from the Artic and I very soon retreated into the shop and a hot cuppa.

On the trip back to London our guide went around to each of us find out where we each were headed, as today was the day that the Tube Workers went on strike.
So I was dropped at the end of my road and was home by 8.30pm. Another long day in the English Countryside. I was loving the fact that there was still at least another hour or two of sunlight left. I love daylight saving.
 That night I had my dinner in the little courtyard out the back of my hotel.

My Place Earls Court


Dawn said…
The purple flower is a clematis but I'm not sure which one and yes it is William 4th. Looks like an exhausting but exciting trip!
Dinah Jopson said…
I knew it was William 4th but he looks like a former Prime Minister of Aust,( Gough Whitlam) who sadly passed earlier this year

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