How Many Places Can I Visit in One Day......

Today was my last in London, last in the UK actually and I wanted to finish things on my Bucket List.
Therefore another walk was in order as most of the things I wanted to see were just a short stroll from my place in Earls Court.

I set off along Cromwell Road towards the city, first up is The Natural History Museum, not a place you'd want to spend the night - a movie reference!

That's the end of the queue to get in
So I kept walking and just a bit further up is the Albert and Victoria Museum, 
no queues, free entry and home to, among other things, the Statue of David - yes that one!
I entered via the Exhibition Road entrance and as you walk in there are many statues, some life size and I loved seeing the artists sketching these on either their sketch pads, some had set up easels. 
Don't think I've ever seen that in Australia, but must admit I don't go to galleries nor museums that often.

Innocence - My caption

Now that's a spoon collection

Think I'd like that in my courtyard


Shoes - Pleasure and Pain
Beaded Jacket

Lot's of examples of beadwork 

David in all his glory
There was many great examples of bead work but alas behind glass so it was rather hard to get any good photo's.

Continuing along the Cromwell Road, arrived at Harrods - the world famous store.  I entered to the overpowering smell of every perfume known to man/woman and then some. I quickly moved through to the Food Hall, wow!

Huge Prawns - Gamba Prawns from the Indian Ocean

Canadian Lobster. Small prawns are from Greenland

Seafood Bar

Fresh Food


Legs of Ham 

Cheese, from around the world

Down the escalator towards the basement is the Memorial to Diana and Dodi


It was now off to check the time! I caught the tube to Greenwich, along with all the other tourists. Everyone was out on this glorious, summer, Sunday afternoon. 

OMG! Another hill!

Luckily they have a cafe at the top, it was the first place I went, R&R - Rest and Restore.

No I didn't get to stand with the meridian between my feet, not waiting an hour for that sorry. But the view from up here was worth the walk.
Looking back to The National Maritime Museum

The Prime Meridian

The 'real' time
The clock on the wall here is the Shepherd Gate Clock also known as the galvano magnetic clock, it was installed in 1852, it has a 24 hour dial. 
This clock always shows Greenwich Mean Time and is never adjusted for Daylight Savings also called Summer Time.

So a following pleasant stroll back down the hill and and an ice cream from one of the many vendors about, I then took myself off down to the Thames, whilst checking out the various curiosities about.
Loved the Weather Vane

Worlds Largest Bottled Ship
First shop in the world - only because of it's longitude 00"00.4'W

No Thanks

The Cutty Sark

View across the Thames


 Got talking with some locals, I often get that because of the pins on my hat/cap,
they told me that I could walk under the Thames! There is a tunnel and there is a lift that takes you down and another that takes you up at the other end. So off I went, under the Thames.
The Pins on my Hat

Under the Thames

It was sort of spooky, be a great site for a horror movie. Bet that's been done already.
Back on the tube and off home, was a marvelous last day in England, a bit sad that this trip is nearly over. 
I've done all the things I wanted to do and then some.
I had dinner in the little courtyard outside once again
Earls Court


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