Looking at History and The Childhood Homes Tour

Went off wandering this morning, with a vague idea of a destination. Along the way I came upon some interesting places.
Firstly The Blue Angel Nightclub.
 A Beatle related site read the history of this place here 

 Not much further I came across this place, great name! There are lots of places here using rock & roll type connections. I wasn't able to get a photo but there was an Asain restaurant named "The Hard  Wok Cafe"

I don't think anyone is lining up to get


Across the road from the Cabin is Liverpool's bombed out church, St Lukes.
It was amazing to see the contrast of the lush gardens surrounding the Church and the empty church itself.

 I'm lucky with the staff at my hotel, one of the girls here was once a tour guide and whilst I was having lunch she sat down and told me about the area where I'd been that morning. They have concerts and markets inside the cathedral from time to time, wouldn't that  be great!

I'd like to think this is the boy's luggage when they returned from Hamburg

Random art just near The Institute
I can neither confirm nor deny that I found the Institute that John and Cynthia attended, I'll find out for sure on Friday when I go on my last tour here but this is the one I found today.

This brown building is Brownlow Hill and also the Victoria Gallery and Museum there are so many interesting buildings and signs here.

Back on the Albert Dock again because this is the old working heart of Liverpool it was the entrance and exit for people and goods. And this is acknowledged by the many statues around the area like this one to salute the working horses.

Another is the actual propella from RMS Lusitania which I've heard is affectionately known round these parts as "Lucy".

These two ships are the last sailing vessels to work on the Mersey.

The size of the sea gulls here is scary! But at least they aren't hassling you for your food!

And so it was off on the National Trust's Tour of John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney's Childhood Homes.
First stop was 20 Forthlin Road.

  Paul was 13 when the family moved in here.

There is no photography allowed inside the houses.

 I understand that, at Paul's place his brother Mick has lent the Trust some Family photos that are from his personal copywritten collection. They make the place more " homey".
Paul's is not a big house the rooms are small and in 1955 these were council houses, the McCartney's were a working class family as we're all the Beatles Family's.

Me pretending I had a foot in the door

The only signage at Paul's

And so back on the bus and off to Mendips, 251 Menlove Avenue John's home from 1945 till Aunt Mimi decided to sell it in 1965. Yoko bought it in 2002 and "donated to the National Trust" .
It was considered to be a 'posh house in a posh area' to quote Paul.
Again no photography inside, the bedroom upstairs where John did his writing and dreaming was the highlight for me. Seeing copies of his handwritten notes and stories, his school cap and tie, yep very emotional. Unfortunately there is not enough time to look at all the memorabilia put out to be looked at. I wasn't the only person to think that. For instance there is a photo album with family photos, photos I've never seen before and 14 other people who wanted to look also. It's the only fault of this tour not enough time at Mendips.

And so dear friends I did what you'd expect me to do I went to the pub and had a couple of beers.

I've yet to have a proper English beer as most of the pubs around here are all about the tourists.
I have had to make do with Fosters but I'm sure when I get down to Cheddington on the weekend my good friends Dawn and Kerry will get me sorted beer wise that is!
So that's it for today until next time Cheers!


Good to read your blog.. It's nice hearing about it all.. Happy for you that you got to John's home.. Shame it wasn't long enough for you.. All good here.. Freakin cold.. The cats inside tonight.. Couldn't be mean and leave her out lol.. No news of any interest so enjoy x
Dinah Jopson said…
Ta luv is quite warm here today light jacket weather!

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