Day Two........

To say I'm having an amazing time is pretty much not really getting it.
Firstly I must tell you about my hotel. It's not a 5 star luxury place as I really don't feel comfortable in those type of places but a little boutique type I have a standard double room with on suite very comfortable but what makes this place is the staff! Each one I've met have been so Welcoming and courteous can't do enough for you. All love to hear your story and when I got back from my travels today wanted to hear what I'd done and where I'd been. I'm sure that they have heard it all before but chatted away with me like old friends. If you should be coming to Liverpool do yourselves a favour and book into The Z Hotel on North John Street!

Well off I went exploring today Monday 13th July - Happy Birthday to my nephew Gary!
I got myself a travel pass for the bus and train it's called a Walrus Pass loved that!
Went down to the Albert Dock to The Beatles Story, it's really well done replicas and memorabilia to die for. A pleasant couple of hours wandering through loved that you could move through as fast or as slow as you liked the whole thing is wired for sound and your given an audio device with headphones to listen brilliant!
Then I met John Lennon's Sister Julia Baird!

She has written a book entitled Imagine This Growing up with my brother John Lennon yes of course I bought a copy and she autographed it and we had a chat really down to earth approachable lady.
I Then jumped on a bus - with my Walrus - and went out to the John Lennon Airport, to see the Yellow Submarine and John's statue.

Above us only sky

                                                Note how Winston is spelt

All the above were taken at The Beatles Story

So on the way back from the airport on the bus it went past Menlove Ave, Penny Lane, I saw the Roundabout and the Barber Shop. I'm going back to Albert Dock tomorrow for part Two of The Beatles Story and The British Invasion.
Feel free to post comments here for some reason I can't get FB to work properly on my tablet so 90% of the photos will be here for your enjoyment Cheers for now!


Fabbo Dinah.. you must be in Seventh Heaven.. great to hear you're enjoying yourself.. I'm about to feed the cat so you know what time it is lol blah blah and PS I got the all clear so all is well :-) xx
McMahon said…
Amazing photos Hevey. I'm going to have to get my arse to Liverpool sometime. So thrilled for you meeting John's sister.

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