Everyone always said I was full of Blarney

Got to sit up the front of the bus this morning, wasn't actually the best seat on the bus, who knew! So swapped at the next stop which was Blarney Castle.
 I managed to climb the ancient stone, circular staircase and made it to the top with a cry of " Look Ma, top of the world "

After that and not to mention the climb down sustenance was needed, cake and tea! I know Kerry and Dawn's Dad would have approved.

Whilst making my way through the beautiful grounds of Blarney Castle I came upon a harp player.
Look for all the world like a Leprechaun

Most of the rest of today was spent on the road with lots of great stories from Joe, he is a natural storyteller.

We had a great time in those jam packed 3  days and I highly recommend the tour.

All the gang and Joe

So I am back in Dublin once more, my legs are sore. One of my first stops is the Chemist to get some Deep Heat and aren't I lucky this hotel has a bath in my room. Yep I've put it to good use and feeling a bit less sore.

Breakfast at 9:30 am, how very civilized! 
I needed to attend to some domestic duties and found a laundry, the only reason I mention this is that the owner is  a lovely gent who originally hails from Lebanon and has been here for 40 yrs,  we had a lovely chat for about half an hour or so and when I went back the next day to collect my laundry he's only charged me ten Euro which is way less than what I should have paid!
I also needed to get a postbag to send some things home, they hand them out free, you only pay for the postage! Australia Post take note!

Wandering around I found some great sights like the store called Arnotts sadly not a Sao insight, it's a department store 
Arnotts Department Store
Then I found The Leprechaun Museum, my guide was Alice and she was just so much fun. There were about 6 children in our group and they were mesmerised as was I. 
Love hearing these stories especially when they are well told, our Alice did just that. I was left wondering if she was from Wonderland!

Alice, the Guide, in the middle - in front of her is a Pot of Gold

A Govt of Leprechauns

Leprechauns Suit and Boot
I have a confession to make. I am no longer a Guiness Virgin, but am still a beer drinker.

The Guiness Storehouse Tour is today's outing. I decided to walk there, sore legs and all. I find I get to see more when I walk and also discover little places off the tourist tracks.
St Jame's Gate, Dublin - Home of Guiness

The tour of the Storehouse is very informative and was packed with like minded tourists. I don't personally think it's a tour for children but that's just my opinion!

The start of the tour they like to tell you is at the bottom of the worlds largest pint glass. The building itself is shaped thus. It's a self guided tour so you can take as long as you like to complete it. Very interesting full of interactive nooks and crannies, you eventually come out on the 6th floor and then go through to do a taste test. You get the perfect little sampler glass, shaped as a pint glass and they explain how you need to inhale before drinking the foam and the Guiness in the first gulp.

Then you get to pour a pint yourself. I'm a natural and they had me pour two as I did it so well. I received my Certificate and was jokingly offered a job!

My Guiness Certificate
They have a Perfect Pint Bar right next door so you can enjoy the pint you have pulled, yep I got to drink both of mine. Whilst enjoying these there was an Irish band and the obligatory Irish Dancers who were very good.

I did make a video but unable to upload it here, send me your email address and I'll send it to you.

At the top of the Guiness Pint Glass or the top floor is The Gravity Bar that offers 360 degree views across Dublin City. There you can eat, drink and enjoy the views. Another great day out.

For dinner tonight I took myself to dinner at Oliver St John Gogarty, it a pub with a great restaurant upstairs. Had a lovely meal and I must make mention of the best Irish Coffee I've ever had. 

Seriously only the Irish can make Irish Coffee! 

 On my last day in Ireland I wandered around the streets with no plan in mind, I came across some funny sights
The Beatles on the side of a traffic signal box - I think

I didn't know my mate Todd had a bar here

So Ireland I wish you a fond farewell, it didn't start out very well but you made up for it big time.

Now I fly into Heathrow and it's London calling.


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