Afternoon Tea on a 'Sunny Afternoon'

Met Dawn at Covent Garden Tube Station and we walked through the streets looking at things of interest - to us - including old buildings.
The Headquaters for "Spooks"

We walked the old Tin Pan Alley or Denmark Street, it's rather sad really as the number of buildings that are in the way of developers.
There is a petition on to save it, if you'd like to help.
It has buildings from as far back as the 17th Century.
Dawn was telling me that less than 2 yrs ago, you'd walk down this street with musicians playing on the street, others trying out new instruments and always busy. A lot of the shops are closed now which is sad.
Recording Studios in Denmark St

Hanks in Tin Pan Alley

Other buildings are a bit of a worry like the ones that look like Lego Bricks or Meccano pieces

The  'Lego' Building
We passed through an area known as The 7 Dials and searched for information

7 Dials

In The Heart of London's West End

Charles Dickens Quote

We had lunch at Jamie's Italian as we knew we'd enjoy it and we did. We wandered off to the tube and met Carolyn who took us to visit the Royal Opera House. Carolyn is an opera buff.

Domed ceiling inside the Royal Opera House

Carolyn pretending to be in her usual possie at the bar!
We came upon the old Bow Street Magistrates Court, where Carolyn's father once worked. He was Sir Colin Woods, Chief Inspector of the Constabulary for England and Wales.

Note the mesh over the facade to keep the pigeons at bay

Once again it was time for that fine old tradition Afternoon Tea and we went to a marvelous Tea Room B B Bakery, right there in Covent Garden.
Champagne, Tea, Sandwiches, Savory Tarts, Cakes and finally Scones with Jam and Cream. No dinner wasn't required that night!

The Selection

Champagne to start

Tea in delightful pot's and delicate crockery


Delightful Dawn

Colourful Carolyn

After that lot we needed a walk so strolled through Covent Garden Markets came across a huge queue waiting to go into a Magnum shop, where you can design your own Magnum!
Waiting to make their own Magnums

Giant Magnum I saw in Dublin
The giant Magnum I saw displayed in Ireland now made sense, they were advertising the coming shop!

Carolyn and I in Covent Garden
We also popped into Fortnum and Masons,  another iconic department store in London town, loved the splendor of the circular staircase.

Can you find us on the stairs?

By then it was time to say Goodbye to the girls as I was off to the Harold Pinter Theatre and they were hunting for cocktails, which I found out later they were rather successful at - another story for another blog.

I was there to see The Kinks Musical - "Sunny Afternoon". 
It was written by Ray Davies and all the music is performed live on stage by "The Kinks" cast.
Was right up front of course and had a wonderful view and rocking time. I wasn't the only one singing and rocking along. I checked later and I saw the Understudy for the "Ray Davies" character whom I thought he was fabulous and very charismatic. 
Wonder what I'd have thought if I seen the 'star'. 
 Ray Davies was also there, apparently he rarely goes to the show, but there he was! Lucky me.

So another packed day in London Town, tomorrow I'm off on a bus tour to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge. It's called a Highlights tour - wonder what that means!?!?!


Dawn said…
We had the understudy too on our night Dinah and we were very pleased with him. The main one is in a few TV things over here - Lark Rise To Candleford period drama - and I did see him perform one of the Sunny Afternoon numbers on TV and he seemed really good too. I was disappointed at first when we didn't have him but the other guy was so good that I soon forgot. We almost rang you to join us after your show but the menfolk were getting twitchy back home so we called it a night.
Dinah Jopson said…
Understandable, the menfolk getting twitchy, that is

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