Walk on Cherry Shoes

This is my April page for the BJP.
I was inspired to do this one because of a song written and sung by my friend Adam Dwyer. If you go to his site http://www.my space.com/platypus25
you can hear the song in question.
"Walk on Cherry Shoes" is one of my favorites.


beadbabe49 said…
Love this month's bjp, dinah...and good for you for starting a blog! I hope by the time the 2008 bjp starts, most of the participants will have one.
It wasn't too difficult, was it? If not, maybe you'd share that info on the bjp blog and maybe inspire others to start theirs!
Robin said…
Red shoes have long been on my favorites list, and now Cherry Shoes are right at the top!!! OMG! I just love this page!!!! Congrats on starting your blog... may you have many visitors and enjoy the process of this new type of communication.

Robin A.
Nospoj said…
Thanks Beadbabe and Robin, This idea came to me quickly and was suprisingly quick to do, or maybe I'm just getting better at this.
Hopefully I can contunue my momentum into next year.
Kiwi Ellen said…
This is delightful Dinah - congratulations on starting your blog. Where in Aust are you? My daughter lives in Murwillumbah, NSW, so I get over there as often as I can.
Nospoj said…
Hi Ellen
I'm in Sydney NSW about a half hour train trip from the main central city.
Be great to meet up next time you are over
Julie said…
I would love to own those shoes. They are very fun. Red is the best. Julie C.
KV said…
Absolutely love this page! Your blog is pretty neat, too . . .

Kathy V in NM

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