Bon jour! Parlez-vous anglais?

 Heaven help me, I'm going to Paris and I don't speak French nor understand it!

Leaving from St Pancras Station, you carry your own luggage on board.
They do have luggage slots at the front and back of each coach, but I'd been hoping to check mine as I had wanted to check out Platform 9 and 3/4 before I headed off. It wasn't meant to be.
The Eurostar - the train to Paris, was quite crowded and I was lucky to have a seat to myself. You do get a fairly decent view of the countryside as you are leaving London and also on coming into Paris.
Arriving in Paris  it hits you how every other country you've been in looks after us 'foreginers' with dual language signage. Not here, everything is in French, and asking for assistance as politely as possible, only leads to shoulder shrugs, and finger pointing - by way of directions.

How I got to my hotel was a miracle in itself.
Once there a different 'French' came out.
I was looked after as if I was Royalty. My bags brought up to my room, anything I wanted was no trouble, I just wanted a cuppa!

I was here and my only Bucket List item in Paris was to look for a "Semolina Pilchard climbing up the Eiffel Tower".

I walked out into a hot summers afternoon, about 26 degrees, and decided to discover Paris for myself.
I needed refreshment and went looking for something to eat along the way.
My hotel was just round the corner from the Louvre and not far from a statue of Joan Of Arc. Very central.

The Louvre
Not a big as the London Eye

One of the many statues around the gardens

Sitting in the sun
Baguette and a beer

Both these waiters want to visit Australia

I feasted on a baguette and a local French beer 1664, it's a wheat beer looks cloudy but the taste hit the spot. The waiters were quite chatty, one asked me if I met a big shark? I worked out he meant a Great White and I told him I'd never met one in person. That waiter wants to visit the Northern Territory and see a crocodile farm and perhaps work on one.

Buy a Love Lock 

These are now illegal
Although, as you can see,  you are still able to buy a Love Lock but they are being outlawed as they are starting to break the bridges that they have been attached to.
Since June this year workers have been removing entire panels of the bridges with the locks attached. 45 tonnes of locks have been removed from one bridge alone. The weight is causing structural damage to these bridges that are as old as Paris itself.
Assemblee Nationale

Boules by the River Seine

A Map of the World

Looking down the river

Overcrowded river cruise

Finally in the distance I spy the Eiffel Tower!
Look to the right of the crane

So my investigations begin!


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