Discovering Primrose Hill - Greeter Walk

Today is my London Greeters walk,  a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.
I left home early and decided to walk as I wasn't meeting my Greeter till 2.30pm.
Firstly to Kensington Gardens and then on through Hyde Park, finishing at Marble Arch.
Everyone was out and about enjoying the sunshine

Princess Diana Memorial Walk

I really don't know but it's interesting

Inside, coffee, tea, ice cream and drinks!

A right Royal squirrel

All the Swans

With Peter Pan

The statue has been here since 1912 and the plaque since 1997

Peter Pan
I caught the tube to Chalk Farm Station to meet my Greeter Myra.

Myra , my Greeter had worked in the library here for many years and has also helped compile a book about the area.

It's one of the 'now' places boasting many celebrities moving in - like Jamie Oliver and Robert Plant. A lot of the homes have plaques on them as poets, writers and artists had made this area home over the years.

Other claims to fame for Primrose Hill are:- the movies -
Paddington Bear, was filimed in the street where Myra lives!
Bridget Jones Diary, One Hundred and One Dalmations.
For the Music Lovers - Oasis took the black and white photo for the cover of the single 'Wonderwall' here.

My Greeter Myra, at her front door

Don't think this has been used for awhile

Jamie Oliver's

Yellow - Robert Plant

Great Graffiti

This was a day to meet the locals, as we walked around Myra was greeted by the locals and we went and visited some of them - Seniors - living in a block of flats they had gathered in the courtyard to share drinks and stories, and do this quite regularly. Was lovely to meet some 'real people' and get to talk with them.

Of course being in London Afternoon Tea was involved and on our way to The Primrose Bakery, we were joined by another friend of Myra's who wanted to meet an Aussie!
Primrose Bakery 

The Primrose Bakery is typical of your "Afternoon Tea" experience, lovely retro laminex tables and chairs and of course cup cakes. I chose a Rainbow Cake.
Rainbow Cupcake - Delicious!
We would now walk along the canal and to the top of Primrose Hill, oh my poor legs! 

The Princess

View from the top

Sadly by the time we did make it to the top the battery on my camera had died , so this photo is from Google. Today was full of sunshine and there were people everywhere enjoying it.
A splendid view  it is indeed and we sat and chatted whilst the sun began to set. Sadly this brought us to the end of my Greeter visit with Myra. I must say it was brilliant, even more so as I really did get to meet the locals and see things off the tourist track.


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