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Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year To All!

Name That Tune....

Originally uploaded by nospoj is the theme this year. Each page will have one, sometimes two or three, songs depicted on it.
I'm revealing the songs depicted in the first one, but at the end of the 11 months, the names of each song and corresponding month will be revealed!

The songs in ONE:-
It's the "Best Disco in Town", to get there "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" and the dress code is "A White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation". Remember it's my interpration of the songs, so you may not guess correctly, then again you may!
Nospoj - Dinah

I have been beading......

and here is the latest - not for the BJP - but a pressie for my bestest friend for Christmas. As she hasn't a computer I know it will not spoil the suprise putting it here for you to peruse.
She is the Eeyore to my Tigger, she helps keep me grounded when I go bounding all over the place!
And for this I give much thanks!

My BJP pages are coming along nicely thanks and Yes in a few days time I will post what I have achived in the first quarter. I have finished September and October and November a doing well also.
Cheers till then

Time Time Time

G'Day, if anybody wants to give me a gift this Christmas, I have decided on the perfect one for me!
Any spare time you have, that you aren't going to use, then wrap it up and put it under the Christmas Tree for me!
I could make really good use of all the spare time you don't need, from a minute to an hour or more.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do that! Sometimes when I'm at work and there is nothing happening, I often think of all the things I could be at home doing.
My Bead Journal pages are suffering at the moment from lack of time and I have quite a few Christmas presents that have still to be made. I know I'll get there but would be nice not to have to rush.

Happy Holidays Everybody

I'm Still Standing

It's been awhile since my last post but then life has a way of catching up with you. As John Lennon once noted -
"Nobody told me there's be days like these, strange days indeed, most peculiar Mama".

I've been working on the BJP08, making earrings,bracelets and also went to see "My FairLady" at the Theatre Royal last month.

It was a great show but not really my cup of tea. Richard Grant was very good but I really loved Nancy Hayes as Professor Higgins Mother, she to me, was a standout.

Looking forward to seeing Steel Magnolias in June next year, it's playing at the Seymour Centre in Chippendale.

And So it's nearly Christmas so time will fly even faster now as we head into the 'silly season'.
I've noticed that once Melbourne Cup Day is past everything just seems to go haywire!

I'm not a political person but I must congratulate Barack Obama on winning the US Election.
Hopefully he can bring some sanity to world events
Talk again soon

Spring Has Sprung

Aaaah, Spring! A time for new growth and what an aproporiate time to begin the new Bead Journal Project 2008/9. Like the other 258 participants, I now pick up needle and thread and begin another fabulous journey, my theme is planned but that dosen't mean I'll stick with it. I am a Gemini after all and will (as is my right) stray from this during the course of the year.
I will share my journey here with you but there won't be any photos until after the third month as on the main BJP Blog.
I hope to have a few suprises for you then.

So What Do You Care About?

Do you have a thing for the environment?
Concerned for Animal Welfare or other HumanitarianRights?
Do you strive for excellence in all that you do?
Do you sometimes feel that 'we the people' are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to our elected officials not to mention our "superiors" at work?
Need a break, then check this out :
Randy Cassingham's Blog
Randy writes a newsletter each week that I have subscribed to for about five years now and it's part of what get's me through the week.
This is True - and yes there is a feeling of "Only in America" in there, but even I get embarrassed by the Australian entries and there have been a few over the years. Having said that I also notice this is a world- wide - dare I say - epidemic!
Hope you will enjoy This Is True as much as I do, or at least it will get you thinking!

Birthday Celebrations

Been a while since I posted anything, I've been having a little holiday from my beading and other things.
It was my Birthday last Saturday and I thought you might like to see the great Beer Glasses my friend bought me

BJP 2007 Completed 9:20am Today

This page I had the most trouble with.
I have two unfinished pages for August,
which will now go into the BJP 2008.
I love this pendant and I finally decided that as
I don’t wear necklaces and only make them
on request, I’d use it as a center piece
in my August page.
The song ‘I never Promised you a Rose Garden ‘
went through my mind and thought
it was apt as the August deadline
has long past, it’s now May 2008!
And this is definatey NOT a Rose Garden.
I'd also like to share with you my May page
As I made this the song,' Windmills of Your Mind'
kept going through my head.
Especially the line,
' Like the circles that you find,
In the windmills of your mind'
Then I read Robin's post about using symbols
in our work and did the test.
Yes, Spirals were No1 for me, go figure!
Link to Robin Atkins Post on Using Symbols in Artwork and their meanings

Walk on Cherry Shoes

This is my April page for the BJP.
I was inspired to do this one because of a song written and sung by my friend Adam Dwyer. If you go to his site
you can hear the song in question.
"Walk on Cherry Shoes" is one of my favorites.

I am Sister Four

I can't believe how quickly I finished this BJP page for March, but to be honest, there are not too many beads on this page. I decided some time ago that I would do a page to honor my 'Sisterhood'.
I am the youngest of four girls, we are all so very different but at the same time so much alike. We are also in alphabetical order, yes we are!
The eldest is A - Aileen, next is B - Barbara, then C - Carolyn and me D - Dinah.

I don't believe that Mum and Dad planned this but by the time I was born I think it was a given that whether boy or girl I'd be a D.

We don't see each other all that often these days, as we live in different parts of the state - NSW Australia - but are in touch often via telephone or email.
This depicts how we are connected by a chain (Daisy) of genes.

I am also in the sister(and brother)hood of beading and I cannot tell you how much support I have received from my fellow beaders. The other members of the BJP 2007 group, who are going through this j…

Love, Love, Love,Love Is All You Need,

This is not my usual posting but as you know I'm a beader and involved in the Bead Journal Project 2007. The Page I made for February is so about music and my all time favorite group, that I thought I'd share it here as well!
Hope you like it!

Local Hero

I have a young musician friend who had a gig tonight at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle.
Naturally, I went as support for him but I also love his music, so it was a win win situation.
I took a video of his performance, picture quality is not great, as I am a beader not a photographer, but it's a small sample of his work.

Adam Dywer is his name and a name to keep your eye out for as I'm sure he will go on to bigger and better things. Adam has been in bands before but has now ventured onto a solo career. He writes all his own material and tonight played an acoustic set.
You can see the video on Webshots

by nospoj

If you'd like to hear more of Adam's work, check out his My Space Page and give his songs a listen!

It's the Music, I tell you, Love the Music!

Billy Elliott - DoYourself a Favour!!

This is a show I wanted to see but none of my friends were too sure about it. I finally persuaded my friend Kerry to come.
Well, now she says if I say let's go - she's coming!
The young man playing 'Billy' here in Sydney is a name to watch in the future - Nick Twiney. As a lead actor/dancer he is fabulous and only 14 according to the programme.
This show selling because we've seen the movie and loved it! No big names, no stars,the only thing I'd heard was that the music is by Elton John.
Well as I said earlier - Do yourself a favour go see this show, you'll laugh, cry, and just be swept away by the high energy of the cast. Oh yes there is some great eye candy for us ladies! We were sitting second row back and wow I even spied a good sort in the orchestra pit!!!
The kids in the show were all great, but there was one real scene stealer - we decided he was played by Joel Slater and only 11 - he plays 'Michael' and the lad has real attitude, and is a great c…

You Know You Make Me.........

Wanna Shout!
Just arrived home from a fabulous night of entertainment at the Lyric Theatre here in Sydney, went to see "Shout!" the Legend of the Wild One - Johnnie O'Keefe.
An amazing cast Tim Campbell, Colleen Hewitt, Glen Shorrock, Mark Holden and who would have believed that John Paul Young was a comic genius!
The chorus of singers/dancers never out of step kept us tapping our feet, iching to get up and dance ourselves!
Felt sorry for the people sitting in front of us as we sang, clapped and cheered our way through every song.
Alexis Fishman has a fabulous voice and can really belt out a tune!
High energy, great music and a good story all in one Australian show. Wow!
Can't recommend this show highly enough!

Is This Just The Beginning?

In 2007 I made a New Year's Resolution - To go to every concert/show that I wanted to see. I had such a great year that is now my permanent resolution.

In 2007 I saw Eric Clapton; Steely Dan; Bob Dylan; two shows at the Sydney Opera House featuring Beatles Music - The White Album Concert and Let It Be; Priscilla The Musical; The War Of The Worlds - Live and Dame Edna Back With Avengance.

Last night Feb 28 2008 I saw Santana - wow what a show, two and a half hours of non stop fantastic music. Carlos was on fire showing what a superb guitarist he is, whilst the rest of the band were equally impressive.
The drummer,Dennis Chambers, played a solo during 'Soul Sacrafice' that went of for at least 20 mins; raising the roof at Acer Arena here in Sydney.

If music be the food of life I might just put on weight!

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