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Open Letter to Telstra/Bigpond

Dear Telstra/Bigpond,

I'm a Computer Tutor for Seniors -a volunteer - at a local Community Centre.

Today as I tried to help a Senior learn about his computer and accessing the Internet and email, I had to contact your Customer Assistance as his email wasn't working.

We were on the phone for over an hour and I must say that whilst your staff were as helpful as they could be, the basic fact that they could not give me the email setting, that was all that was required, was beyond belief!

They had no idea what questions to ask me to assist with the problem and when I asked for the information I required, I was told that I would have to speak with your "Advanced Technical Department" and that there would be an "extra" cost involved!

Seriously Telstra/Bigpond, aren't you making enough money already?
To charge for readily available information that every other ISP gladly provides to their Paying Customers is mind boggling.

To say the whole experience was very …