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My Sea Change

Well I know it's been awhile, but I have been busy!
Firstly I reconnected with some friends from my wild child days back in the 60's.
Say what you like  about Facebook but it's great for connecting with people.
After a few emails we got together and had lunch, it was a great day, remembering old times and people we knew then and now. We are still in touch and another meeting hopefully,
it's a little bit hard as we all live so far apart.

My major event was indeed somewhat dramatic!
The house I was renting was sold and I had to find another place to live, always easier said than done. I wasn't financially able to continue to live in Sydney, no haven't met a millionaire as yet!
So my thoughts turned to where I had lived 18 years previously, the central Coast of NSW.
Did a bit of Googling and a lot of research and finally found my new home.
I'm in Ettalong Beach in a lovely old fashioned duplex.
Sure I had to sacrifice a few books and clear out a lot of clutter…