London Rock and Roll Music Tour

Oh yeah this was another tour I was looking forward to, I booked the full day tour. It's divided into a morning tour and an afternoon tour so you can do either. Best part for me doing both was Abbey Road crossing twice!

Had breakfast in Trafalgar Square, it was about 8.30am not a lot of people about.

No pigeons, no people.

My tour bus for the morning

The tour started at 9am only 15 of us on board and I got to ride shotgun yeah, best view on a small bus.
We were the usual bunch of misfits, Americans, Italians, Spanish etc and me the token Aussie. Our guide was an encyclopdia of knowledge on all things rock from the 60's right through till now. We had some young ones on board and he was able to show them things of interest to them also.

We went to Tin Pan Alley that I had already visited with Dawn, he pointed out places, like where David Bowie recorded Ziggy.
We went to places visited, played at or photographed in by the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Hendricks, Eric Burdon and Clapton. Music venues big and small, also covering Punk Rock, The Police, Marley.
We also call into Sticky Fingers a restaurant owned by Bill Wyman, yep I had a beer!

Yes of course my favorite was Abbey Road, what else did you expect?
My tour guide Steve took our photos for us, from the correct side of the crossing too! I chose to get a video and it's great, a wonderful memory.
I Signed The Wall

On the steps
We were told by our guide that we could go everywhere around the Studios but not to go inside the gates as it was legally trespassing, now having waited a lifetime to be there do you think I'd care about being arrested or whatever?
I got one of my fellow tourists to take the photo, funnily enough it was a young man and he was worried in case I got into trouble. Rebel, Rebel me!
PS Nobody gave a toss that I was there!

Sticky Fingers

Hendrix, Stones and Beatles

The following photos are from the Live Camera at Abbey Road Crossing, only thing wrong is that it's really facing the wrong way as the boys were photographed from in front of the crossing. But a heartfelt Thanks to Dawn who managed to get them for me, they are only available for 24 hours . Now I'm in a white shirt and green jeans.

Thanks to a clever member of a FB Group I belong to!

Another tick off The Bucket List right there, my that list is growing shorter by the day.


Dawn said…
It's been a while since I saw Trafalgar Square that early ... I think we hadn't been to bed LOL

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