Lord Of The Dance

Today finds the Tube still closed so I had a nice sleep in.
I'm off to the theatre to see Lord of the Dance - Dangerous Games - NOT staring Michael Flattley.
Now before I give you my version of this event, read what one other critic had to say

I had lunch before the matinee performance at a little pub on a corner called, The Jack Horner Pub. It was great. Hardly anyone inside made a pleasant change.

Sorry it's a bit blurred

It had the best stocked bar I've ever seen, if my mate Danny worked there I'm sure he'd make the most amazing cocktails.

So it was curtain time. I learnt Irish Dancing as a child, I was fortunate enough to win a medal so watching these dancers is a treat I really enjoy. Not this afternoon I'm sorry to say.

Yes the dancing was great, when they danced and I loved seeing the full troupe going at it full pelt, but this mish mash that had a story line so hard to follow I gave up.  Question: When did Irish dancers start stripping? Yes really they did down to bikini like things. Sorry Mr Flatley but you lost me right then and there.
This show is coming to Australia, no Michael Flatley is not in it, you have my opinion. That is all!


Dawn said…
Sorry it wasn't for you. I didn't fancy it at all myself but I know My friend Sandra enjoyed it.

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