Ireland - The Bus Tour

                                   Cead mile failte = A 100,000 Welcomes!

Started the day at Molly Malone's Statue then jumped into the bus, our final destination today is Galway but we will be stopping a various places along the way.

Crying cockles and mussles alive, a-live O!
Joe, our driver is terrific, telling lots of stories and lots of facts about the places we are passing through.
We arrived at our lunch stop which is at Ashford Castle (where Pierce Brosnan got married).
Ashford Castle

 This is also where the movie The Quite Man was made. It started John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.
It's located in the village of Cong, Co Mayo.
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara - Quite Man
Had lunch at a little cafe called Puddleducks, named for the flocks of mallard ducks on the river.

A little cottage in Cong

Back on the bus and a meandering drive to Galway Bay, where my Great Grandmother was born. Joe, our driver gave us a fine rendition of "Galway Girl".
                                                             Galway Bay

Arrived in Galway  and did a walking tour of the city, a young student from the university conducted the tour, he was also very knowledgeable.
Had dinner at The Skeffe.

Early start Tuesday as we are off to The Cliffs of Mohor. Yesterday Joe told us about Fairy Rings and how the Irish are very superstitious about them, so our first stop today is at a Fairy Ring, it's magical!

The photos above show inside the Fairy Ring, the top photo is where people have left gifts and messages for the faries.
I also encountered my first style entering the field where the fairy ring was.

Another stop along the way was to Corcomroe Abbey built in 1182, there are many carvings inside which is very unsual for that time.

Afterwards we went to a brilliant little Cafe for Morning Tea, it's called The Tea Junction and it's situated at a T crossing!  Sorry my photo doesn't really do it justice! It's in Ballyvaughan and all the cakes and pies etc are homemade on the premesis.

Joe, The Singing Tour Driver/Guide

Then it was off to the Cliffs of Mohor, the wind was coming directly from the Artic, I let the younger tourists climb to the lookout and opted for the Audio/visual Center. And so glad I did, Joe had told us about the perfect wave that occurs here and I was able to get a photo, and also told us about Cornelius O'Brien who built the Tower the highest point on the Cliffs.

The perfect wave

Me in front of the Tower 
And so we were off this time to Killarney, first up a ride in a horse drawn cart
through the National Park, the driver's name was Patrick and the horse was Rose, I got to sit up front with Patrick and as we drove around he pointed out all the plants, deer and the best fishing spots. Point of interest, you don't need a license to fish here.

In the driver's seat

Great views
Rose and Patrick

On the way to our hotel Joe had us in fits of laughter telling us about a local beauty contest - The Rosé of Tralee, it's televised and sounds like a hoot!
Discovered a beer I loved at dinner, Killarney Blonde.

Tomorrow it's Blarney Castle and the Blarney be continued......


Dawn said…
Now if only I had known you had an interest in stiles, we had 2 in the village you could have climbed lol. Looks like you had a great time. X

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