Exploring Cardiff and a Beatles Connection

It was time to say Goodbye to Sarah and David - Dawn's parents who had kindly put us up for a couple of days. We headed of to explore Cardiff but started off with elevenses at Pettigrew Tea Rooms in Bute Gardens beside Cardiff Castle.

Studding the menu

Souvenir shopping was on the agenda followed by all the sights. Lots of the old buildings have been remodeled but some of the fa├žades have been retained. I think I've mentioned that it's school holidays over here so it's busy but nothing I can't handle and very colourful.
Now this building had been changed quite a bit but you can see the old bldg underneath The Beatles played 3 concerts here, one each year in 1963,1964,1965 It was The Capital Theatre back then.
In the shopping precinct

After checking in for coffee it was back to Cheddington and a light dinner the off to the pub across the road for a couple of drinks before bed. Oh yeah the pub across the road is The Three Horseshoes.


Loving the blog Dinah... Always a Beatles mention as I expected so not disappointed. Photos are great. Sounds like your hosts turned it on for you.. Good to hear.. Wales looks awesome.. I'm glad you got to have a good look around. Cheers

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