Thank You Liverpool.......

It's been all I imagined  and more. Wish I had done this year's ago but as "they" say better late than never.
Had a relaxing lazy morning just like at home only things missing were the sun and Marion and Mardi.
Strolled up to Lime St Station did a reckie for the train trip tomorrow, more shopping found clothes I loved at Marks and Spencer also had lunch in the cafe there.
I've been lucky enough to meet some really nice people here and one lady I must sing the praises of is Nicola, she works at  a caravan cafe on Albert Dock right near where the tour buses pick up. I first met her on Tuesday when I enjoyed a cuppa and a buttie in the sunshine. We were chatting whilst she served me and got on like a house on fire. I also discovered that Nicola has a Cavern connection her Aunt is Beryl Marsden! Now if you haven't heard of Beryl hang your head in shame here is a link so you can get edcuated
Yes of course I know who she is!!!! I'm a child of the 50s who even remembers the 60s and so forth.
Anyhow when you get to Liverpool don't forget to go say G'day to my newest friend Nicola.
So it was back to Alfred Dock to pick up the Magical Mystery Tour Bus

Was a great tour unfortunately it isn't able to stop at all the sites but it does take you to them and points them out. The guide Neil Brannan was terrific, really knew his stuff and he is an actor played Pete Shotton in a movie about John Lennon called "In His Life: The John Lennon Story" this movie was filmed inside Mendips and other places related to John's early years.
Ringo's home is the pink and white house in this street

Pub on the corner of Ringo's street

"behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout"

Outside George's House
"Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to.........."
And so the bus the takes you back to The Cavern Club so another hour or two of Beatle songs more singing lots of fun.

Tomorrow I'm off to Cheddington again I say Thank You Liverpool I've had a Fab time.



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