Still on the road in Wales

Had lunch at a gorgeous little Welsh pub in Ystradfellte - no seriously that's the name of the place

A Bouquet of Buttons 

I dined on homemade fish fingers and chips, the biggest I've ever seen. After lunch we wandered through some very picturesque villages, more strange names like Aberdars; Pontypridd, which is the birth place of Tom Jones;
Porth; Trebanog, and back to Dawn's parents in Ermondstown.


Mist over the forest

Yep a sheep

The sheep are just wandering around everywhere no fences also wild ponies which once we had to stop to let them cross the road.

We went into Cardiff for dinner overlooking the bay along the river Taff.
We had dinner at San Martino Restaurant an Italian restaurant very nice food and service great afterwards we walked around looking at  various street art and came across Tiger Bay the birthplace of Shirley Bassey.

Kerry and David


Overlooking the Taff River

View to the right

The Italian Restaurant

Safety sign

No idea but looked interesting

The Pilotage

In These Stones Horizons Sing

And so my friends another fabulous day comes to an end. Tomorrow it's a winding trip through Wales sightseeing on the way back to Cheddington.

The adventure continues!


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