Bletchly Park, Home of the Codebreakers

This is also where the movies The Enigma and The Imitation Game was made. Very interesting. We explored the huts and the Manor House, saw a demonstration of a bombe machine with full explanations!
Beautiful grounds

Dawn and Carolyn heading into the Manor

There is so much to see here, you could spend hours wandering through, lots of interactive spots and tables etc. Here are a few photos to whet the appetite!

From the Imitation Game set display

Actual codes to be deciphered

Even the sign posts were in code!

From Bletchly Park we went into Milton Keynes for dinner. The decision was made and Jamie Oliver's Italian got the nod!
Great food, great company everything I've come to expect over here.

As we drove home Dawn pointed out a bridge we drove under as the bridge where the train in the "Great Train Robbery" was held up. The train was backed up to Cheddington Railway, how's that for a bit of history!



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