Last days in Cheddington.......

The heaviest rain since I've been in England hit today, so various plans were changed and we headed off to the Hare Krishna Temple in Watford.

It's a very beautiful old manor that George Harrison donated to the Krishna's and they have a Memorial Garden to George. A very moving experience and a peaceful place, was a shame about the weather.

They have lots of weddings here and there was one in progress today.

The George Harrison Garden

A seat for meditation

Dawn and Kerry in the rain 

Use of fallen branches everything is recycled

Tea and cake, of course and souvenirs at the shop. The gentleman behind the counter asked how we came to be there. When he heard that it was because of me and my Beatle obsession and that I was from Australia, he then gave me a book that has conversations with  John and George!

He gave it to me as a gift, as it had been given to him, so put your name in the comments section if you'd like to read it then pass it on to another person.

We headed home as the rain was still coming down.

And so it's now the last day before the Ireland leg of my journey, so just a short trip today to Thame, saw lots of old building's and pubs also a craft fair then had lunch in a pub built in 1220 that was a leper house and the cellar was a prison.
It's also listed in Britain's Most Haunted Homes but we didn't see anything unusual!
Sherlock Comb!

Great Sign, Zac would love that on a T-shirt!

Aussie name, British pub, Thai food!
Our lovely hostess at the Birdcage -the 'spooky' pub

Dawn and Kerry here to wave me off at Cheddington Station

 We headed for home and I packed my bags and we had a quiet night in.

And so now it's time for me to leave Cheddington, caught the train to Manchester Airport, where security is so tight I had my Vegemite and toothpaste confiscated! I was also frisked and had my shoes (my Dunlop Volley's) x-rayed. 
Must have looked sus! I'm not really complaining as I realise all that is necessary but really my Vegemite!

OK Now next up will be my Irish trip.

Cheers till then


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