Big Day Even Bigger Night

Had a fairly quiet morning ventured to the Post Office to send some souvenirs home, so I can buy more!
After lunch I walked to the Liverpool Cathedral, my tourist guide here at the hotel told me about the gardens and I had to see for myself, so glad I did.

This explains it so much better than I could. On the way back I also passed The Palace
And every city has one Chinatown

After dinner took myself for a drink to The Hard Days Night Hotel, it's all very glitzy and glamour, the bar attendant needed to go back to customer relations lessons, I'm sorry I couldn't understand your accent but talking quicker just didn't help! Over priced beer so only had the one and got out of there.
Now to where the real people were The Cavern Club convinently located around the corner.
Yep Fosters on tap so that's what I drank. The guitarist started playing, I had to go look as it just could have been my ol' mate Adam, 'cause he was playing Champagne Supernova and everybody sang along. Was just like a gig at the Flyer only the stage was where The Beatles had once played!

I was too busy singing and having an absolute blast to take many photos but I'll be back again tomorrow so maybe.
The Mersey Beatles asked for requests, so in my usual polite and ladylike manner I said 'Come Together and In My Life' Both John and Paul laughed and John said 'Aussie eh!' Me: True blue! So they then played both songs!

Everybody sang along to every song and the place was rocking! It was all over too soon but tomorrow is 'another day'.

Till next time folks


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