Cheddington and a Surprise Trip to Wales

So on Saturday afternoon I arrived in Cheddington,  a village and civil parish in the Aylesbury Vale district of Buckinghamshire. The parish has an area of 1,429 acres. The village is about 6 miles north-east of Aylesbury and three miles north of Tring in Hertfordshire.
Staying with my friend Dawn and her husband Kerry.
Dawn is Welsh, whilst Kerry is half Welsh and half English, Dawn's parents, David and Sarah and whom I met in New York City in 2012, still live in Wales in the village of Edmondstown, which is 14 miles (23kl) from Cardiff, the Capital.

Now you have the background information on with the show!

 Had a great first night we stayed in and over a lovely dinner (sorry Carolyn no photo available) chatted for ages during which plans for my stay were revealed. A visit to Wales to catch up with Dawn's parents and sightseeing!
How good is this!

So after breakfast on Sunday lazily sitting in the beautiful garden here and yes in sunshine, we got into our glad rags and off to lunch in a Statley Home - LutonHoo. And very stately it is as you'd expect in England. The waiters were French which surprised me I been expecting an all English affair. Food to die for and company to match.

Stuart,Carolyn, Me, Kerry and Dawn

It was so elegant the tapestry you see in the background of the above photo was ancient I would love to have gotten up and walked around but that's not the done thing.

If it looks familiar to you "Four Weddings and a Funeral" was filmed here. There was actually a wedding there on Sunday.

My new friends Stuart and Carolyn are delightful company and added to the days enjoyment, yes there was brilliant sunshine and I enjoyed every minute. I'm now ready to take tea with Her Madge when I get to London!

After lunch and a quick nap for Kerry it was off to Wales, we arrived around midnight Sarah and David had the house all warm and welcoming cups of tea and cake then off to bed. My Tour Guide Dawn has a big day planned, sadly the weather wasn't very helpful for sightseeing, all mists and rain so Dawn was giving me a verbal account of what I should have been seeing.

As you can see from this photo the mist is all around and it was raining also!

All the signs are written in both English and Welsh

Ducks Ducks Ducks to make me feel at home

A rather unusual safety message

At Swyddfa'r Heddlu

A Royal Mailbox from Victorian era

Welsh flag flying high

And so we wandered through quite a few towns and villages, well done if you can pronounce these:-
Treochy, Treherbert, Rhigos Mountain, Pendryn, Brecon Beacons, Brecon Town.
So we then went off to lunch.

To be continued.................


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