I'm Still Standing

It's been awhile since my last post but then life has a way of catching up with you. As John Lennon once noted -
"Nobody told me there's be days like these, strange days indeed, most peculiar Mama".

I've been working on the BJP08, making earrings,bracelets and also went to see "My FairLady" at the Theatre Royal last month.

It was a great show but not really my cup of tea. Richard Grant was very good but I really loved Nancy Hayes as Professor Higgins Mother, she to me, was a standout.

Looking forward to seeing Steel Magnolias in June next year, it's playing at the Seymour Centre in Chippendale.

And So it's nearly Christmas so time will fly even faster now as we head into the 'silly season'.
I've noticed that once Melbourne Cup Day is past everything just seems to go haywire!

I'm not a political person but I must congratulate Barack Obama on winning the US Election.
Hopefully he can bring some sanity to world events
Talk again soon


Robin said…
Congrats on giving up the cigs... Yes, I totally remember (even though it was back in 1968) how difficult it is to quit and how it changes so many things, because of all the "triggers." I hope you'll be back on line more regularly soon. Maybe you'll even show us some "in progress" pictures of your Sept, Oct, and Nov. BJP pieces??? Thanks for the good thoughts about Obama... I am very happy about our new president elect and for the first time in ages have optimism about the future of our country and the world! It's putting an imense burden on his shoulders, but I think they are broad enough.

Cheers, Robin A.

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