Local Hero

I have a young musician friend who had a gig tonight at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle.
Naturally, I went as support for him but I also love his music, so it was a win win situation.
I took a video of his performance, picture quality is not great, as I am a beader not a photographer, but it's a small sample of his work.

Adam Dywer is his name and a name to keep your eye out for as I'm sure he will go on to bigger and better things. Adam has been in bands before but has now ventured onto a solo career. He writes all his own material and tonight played an acoustic set.
You can see the video on Webshots
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by nospoj

If you'd like to hear more of Adam's work, check out his My Space Page and give his songs a listen!
www.my space.com/platypus25

It's the Music, I tell you, Love the Music!


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