You Know You Make Me.........

Wanna Shout!
Just arrived home from a fabulous night of entertainment at the Lyric Theatre here in Sydney, went to see "Shout!" the Legend of the Wild One - Johnnie O'Keefe.
An amazing cast Tim Campbell, Colleen Hewitt, Glen Shorrock, Mark Holden and who would have believed that John Paul Young was a comic genius!
The chorus of singers/dancers never out of step kept us tapping our feet, iching to get up and dance ourselves!
Felt sorry for the people sitting in front of us as we sang, clapped and cheered our way through every song.
Alexis Fishman has a fabulous voice and can really belt out a tune!
High energy, great music and a good story all in one Australian show. Wow!
Can't recommend this show highly enough!


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