I have been beading......

and here is the latest - not for the BJP - but a pressie for my bestest friend for Christmas. As she hasn't a computer I know it will not spoil the suprise putting it here for you to peruse.
She is the Eeyore to my Tigger, she helps keep me grounded when I go bounding all over the place!
And for this I give much thanks!

My BJP pages are coming along nicely thanks and Yes in a few days time I will post what I have achived in the first quarter. I have finished September and October and November a doing well also.
Cheers till then


Robin said…
Oh Dinah!!! Eeyore is totally adorable... Love the colors and the expression. How did you ever do it?! And how have you managed to get this done AND the first quarter BJPs? I can't wait to see them!

Hugs, Robin A.
Kiwi Ellen said…
A great piece, your friend is going to love it!
Hélène H said…
Very nice, lucky friend !
heidibeads said…
I love Eeyore and you captured him well.

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