BJP 2007 Completed 9:20am Today

This page I had the most trouble with.
I have two unfinished pages for August,
which will now go into the BJP 2008.
I love this pendant and I finally decided that as
I don’t wear necklaces and only make them
on request, I’d use it as a center piece
in my August page.
The song ‘I never Promised you a Rose Garden ‘
went through my mind and thought
it was apt as the August deadline
has long past, it’s now May 2008!
And this is definatey NOT a Rose Garden.
I'd also like to share with you my May page
As I made this the song,' Windmills of Your Mind'
kept going through my head.
Especially the line,
' Like the circles that you find,
In the windmills of your mind'
Then I read Robin's post about using symbols
in our work and did the test.
Yes, Spirals were No1 for me, go figure!
Link to Robin Atkins Post on Using Symbols in Artwork and their meanings


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