That was a day and a half

Pokies at the airport

My Lounge

The Bathroom

The flight it self was pretty uneventful, but I did watch 3 movies, The Saffires; Brave; and Moonrise Kingdom . Arrived in Los Angles at 10am (2am Sydney Time). There was a long queue at Customs so I missed my connecting flight to Las Vegas. The Airline were great and got me on the next flight,unfortunately my bag got on the flight after that so had to wait for it in Las Vegas, you can see from the first photo I could have played the pokies at the airport.
I checked into my room about 5:30pm The room is fabulous, see for yourself! After a refreshing shower I went for a stroll along the strip and was sad my camrea was back in my room recharging. I'll go for a stroll again tonight after seeing Rita Rudner's Show here at the Venetian.  Today I had a massage and a manicure and got lost twice the hotel is ginormous!   Better go and get ready for the show, still can't believe I'm really here, Cheers Nospoj


Dawn said…
What was Rita like - I like her!?
Dinah Jopson said…
Rita was really good,very funny no swearing made a nice change
Geoff Hughes said…
Have a wonderful trip. Try and make it to Bill Wyman's "Sticky Fingers Restaurant. Phillimore Gardens, Kensington. Guaranteed experience. Hope to hear your adventures when you return.

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