Homeward Bound

Today I visited Washington DC. It's a four hour drive from New York City and I went on a bus tour.
Driving through four states, New Jersey; Delaware;Maryland and Virginia.
Stopped at all the monuments from the Vietnam War Memorial to the White House. It was very impressive.
We also visited the Smithsonian Space and Flight Museum, not really my cup of tea but interesting all the same.
I also got to get a photo with Yoko Ono! Yeah at the Madam Trussards in Washington. Rather fitting the day after John's Birthday. There was a young German lady on the tour who had been at the Imagine Mosaic yesterday.
My journey home begins rather early 7:30am flying from JFK Airport here in New York then to LA International, I have a four hour wait for my flight from there back to Sydney. So far no flight delays and I get home on Saturday. Surprisingly I still have some money left, look out shops at the airport!
See you back Downunder
Cheers Nospoj
PS The photo's will be up by Sunday, all being well


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