It's Johnnie's Birthday

Talk about fun,"Gary" The Mayor arrived and created a Peace Symbol on the moasic ,greeted everyone who was there, a couple of guys had guitars and started playing "In my Life" everyone joined in singing. A lot of tour groups went through, some didn't even realise it was John's Birthday! I'm back at the hotel now to warm up, it's been drizzling rain all morning and still very cold. Going back later.

My day with the Big Apple Greeter yesterday was great fun, walked up to the subway and caught it to Columbus Circle, then first stop was the Oriental Hotel went up to the 35th floor for an amazing view of Central Park and surrounds. We then walked around the Lincoln Centre and then wandered upper west side had lunch at Arties New York Deli, I discovered I like chopped liver, and we had birthday cake for dessert. My greeter, Joseph is 74 yrs old and so knoweledgable about NY. Cannot recommed the service highly enough!

Last night I finally met  my lively friend Dawn and her equally lovely Husband, Kerry, along with her Mum and Dad, who are here celebrating  firstly the Golden Wedding Anniversary of herMum and Dad and Dawn's Birthday on Wednesday. What a lovely family, throughly enjoyed our short time together.

Back from Strawberry Fields, my second visit of the day. So glad I went back when I did, there were now 6 or maybe 8 guitarists and at least a hundred or so people there. People kept coming and going.
We sang nearly every John song and also Beatles songs.

A John look a like playing guitar made for a very surreal experience. Got lots of photos and also made a few little movies. Sorry to say I've left my camera cord at home and the memory card reader I bought in Vegas is pretty crap so will post all pics and videos when I get home on Saturday.

Today was totally amazing, so that's two things I can now cross off my bucket list.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit Washington DC, then on Thursday I begin the long haul home. Don't want this experience to end but I'm also missing everyone. You'd think none of my family and friends had never heard of email. Oh well I'm doing fine, and Thanks Cathy and Dawn for you comments and  emails.
Till tomorrow
Peace and Love


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