Sometime In New York continued..........

Well beside the weather being freezing I had a great day yesterday Sunday 7th October.
Started my morning with a nice Breakfast on Broadway (yep I'm eating).
Then caught a Hop on Hop off bus for Downtown.
First stop was the World Trade Centre was interesting to see the new towers being built. There will now be four towers and they are going to be taller than the previous two.Can remember all the stats but you now how to Google don't you.
Then walked from there to see the Brooklyn Bridge, was thinking of walking across but no there was some 2,000 runners doing a fun run across it.
Have I mentioned how I'm not loving all the other tourists here. Some are nice - they don't speak English but others Oh My Lord! Enough said.
Saw the Supreme Court building, you've seen it too if you watch Law and Order, it's the building with all the steps, impressive.
Then hoped back on the bus to Battery Park and The Statue!
Some amazing architecture here besides the Empire State Building. They have a eight wall plaque to those who died at sea during World War Two backed by the Biggest Eagle statue I've ever seen.
Pics' to come when I can. Went to the Jewish Heritage Museum which was housed over three floors.
Then it was downtown to Macy's Department Store, sorry but it didn't impress me much!
Found myself back at Times Square and the M&M Factory Store, not good if your a chocolate lover like me. Was rather fascinating all the same.
I've already mentioned how cold it was well, I bought myself some long john's and thick socks for tomorrow when I spend the day with my Big Apple Greeter, looking forward to that and hopefully will finally catch up with Dawn perhaps for dinner.
Well I'm still having fun and loving this adventure will report more tomorrow


Unknown said…
Love reading what you're up to and looking forward to hearing about the Greeter tomorrow, hope you find it as interesting as we did. I'm with you, Macey's didn't impress me either. Keep warm!

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