Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year Everyone.
Sorry but I need to have a rant, just to get a couple of things off my chest so to speak.
Was down at the beach earlier today, sitting reading my book in a nice spot with not too many people close by. So up walks this random person, female youngish about 30's. And plops down almost in my lap and begins to talk (methinks maybe she's still drunk from the NY Celebrations) but no she's just lonely.
She started off by asking me if I had any children, and then proceeded to complain that her kids didn't even ring her for New Years (she has two both late teens and live with their father).
Then and at this I was shocked, she wanted to track their Mobile phones so she could know where they were at all times. Now I know you need their permission for this and she said she told them at Christmas that this was what she was going to do ( no wonder she hasn't heard from them!).
She went on to say she was having trouble getting this happening. When I told her she needed their permission to do this she became a 'really nice person' and said ' oh you old people don't know anything about technology!"
Yes I let rip and told her where to go!
Why do we stereotype people, sometimes you just might be surprised how much and 'old' person really knows. And I do object to 'old' yes it's OK for me to refer to myself that way in jest but I do NOT give permission for anyone to refer to me that way, or any of my peers!

Another thing whilst I'm on the subject, just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely. Far from it, I have a great family and friend network and if I need to talk to someone I just pick up the phone. I'm enjoying my retirement and living here on the coast. I'm finally getting into all those things I never had time for before and thoroughly enjoying life.
So if you see me on the beach and I'm reading or just soaking up the sun, sure say Hi, we are a friendly bunch up here but never think I'm a lonely old lady 'cause you sure would be wrong!

Just sayin'
Cheers Nospoj

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homeward Bound

Today I visited Washington DC. It's a four hour drive from New York City and I went on a bus tour.
Driving through four states, New Jersey; Delaware;Maryland and Virginia.
Stopped at all the monuments from the Vietnam War Memorial to the White House. It was very impressive.
We also visited the Smithsonian Space and Flight Museum, not really my cup of tea but interesting all the same.
I also got to get a photo with Yoko Ono! Yeah at the Madam Trussards in Washington. Rather fitting the day after John's Birthday. There was a young German lady on the tour who had been at the Imagine Mosaic yesterday.
My journey home begins rather early 7:30am flying from JFK Airport here in New York then to LA International, I have a four hour wait for my flight from there back to Sydney. So far no flight delays and I get home on Saturday. Surprisingly I still have some money left, look out shops at the airport!
See you back Downunder
Cheers Nospoj
PS The photo's will be up by Sunday, all being well

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Johnnie's Birthday

Talk about fun,"Gary" The Mayor arrived and created a Peace Symbol on the moasic ,greeted everyone who was there, a couple of guys had guitars and started playing "In my Life" everyone joined in singing. A lot of tour groups went through, some didn't even realise it was John's Birthday! I'm back at the hotel now to warm up, it's been drizzling rain all morning and still very cold. Going back later.

My day with the Big Apple Greeter yesterday was great fun, walked up to the subway and caught it to Columbus Circle, then first stop was the Oriental Hotel went up to the 35th floor for an amazing view of Central Park and surrounds. We then walked around the Lincoln Centre and then wandered upper west side had lunch at Arties New York Deli, I discovered I like chopped liver, and we had birthday cake for dessert. My greeter, Joseph is 74 yrs old and so knoweledgable about NY. Cannot recommed the service highly enough!

Last night I finally met  my lively friend Dawn and her equally lovely Husband, Kerry, along with her Mum and Dad, who are here celebrating  firstly the Golden Wedding Anniversary of herMum and Dad and Dawn's Birthday on Wednesday. What a lovely family, throughly enjoyed our short time together.

Back from Strawberry Fields, my second visit of the day. So glad I went back when I did, there were now 6 or maybe 8 guitarists and at least a hundred or so people there. People kept coming and going.
We sang nearly every John song and also Beatles songs.

A John look a like playing guitar made for a very surreal experience. Got lots of photos and also made a few little movies. Sorry to say I've left my camera cord at home and the memory card reader I bought in Vegas is pretty crap so will post all pics and videos when I get home on Saturday.

Today was totally amazing, so that's two things I can now cross off my bucket list.

Tomorrow I'm off to visit Washington DC, then on Thursday I begin the long haul home. Don't want this experience to end but I'm also missing everyone. You'd think none of my family and friends had never heard of email. Oh well I'm doing fine, and Thanks Cathy and Dawn for you comments and  emails.
Till tomorrow
Peace and Love

Monday, October 8, 2012

Sometime In New York continued..........

Well beside the weather being freezing I had a great day yesterday Sunday 7th October.
Started my morning with a nice Breakfast on Broadway (yep I'm eating).
Then caught a Hop on Hop off bus for Downtown.
First stop was the World Trade Centre was interesting to see the new towers being built. There will now be four towers and they are going to be taller than the previous two.Can remember all the stats but you now how to Google don't you.
Then walked from there to see the Brooklyn Bridge, was thinking of walking across but no there was some 2,000 runners doing a fun run across it.
Have I mentioned how I'm not loving all the other tourists here. Some are nice - they don't speak English but others Oh My Lord! Enough said.
Saw the Supreme Court building, you've seen it too if you watch Law and Order, it's the building with all the steps, impressive.
Then hoped back on the bus to Battery Park and The Statue!
Some amazing architecture here besides the Empire State Building. They have a eight wall plaque to those who died at sea during World War Two backed by the Biggest Eagle statue I've ever seen.
Pics' to come when I can. Went to the Jewish Heritage Museum which was housed over three floors.
Then it was downtown to Macy's Department Store, sorry but it didn't impress me much!
Found myself back at Times Square and the M&M Factory Store, not good if your a chocolate lover like me. Was rather fascinating all the same.
I've already mentioned how cold it was well, I bought myself some long john's and thick socks for tomorrow when I spend the day with my Big Apple Greeter, looking forward to that and hopefully will finally catch up with Dawn perhaps for dinner.
Well I'm still having fun and loving this adventure will report more tomorrow

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Well, "my bags are packed and I'm ready to go", I must say how exctied/nervous I am.Having lunch with my son and his lovely girl will help me through today. It's funny how many things you think you need to take with you on a trip, it's not like your destination dosen't have shops! So I'm only taking one suitcast and one large handbag (it has my lifelines in it). I know I'm going to have a great time. Talk to you when I arrive.Cheers Nospoj

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Slight Diversion

Thought you might be interested in the art show I went to last night
The artists are Annette Simpson and Jack Randell.
It was pretty amazing and as you know me really well you will understand  how I made
a connection to it being similar to John Lennon meeting Yoko Ono that first time at her exhibition.
This photo  is of a large collaborative piece entitled New Tracks
"To start with I create an image in outline, break it down into a grid of small tiles, I give each invited participant a tile to render in colour, tone or texture. My collaborators are working blind to the extent that each person  knows only the pattern of the lines in their portion.
My interest is in the coincidences occurring in the creative act when conducted in the company of agreeable others."

During the opening tonight and for the rest of the show at the
Salerno Gallery,  70 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW 2037 till the 23 September,
 you are invited to paint an mdf tile, being a drawn, numbered small portion of the final image.
Paint the tile in whichever manner you please. The artists will mount the tiles during the exhibition as they are completed.
It was such a different concept and and something I'd never seen before.
 I encourage you to attend if your in Sydney

Friday, August 31, 2012

Beatles World Tour Bucket List Trip Stage One

Catchy title eh! Well October 2 will see me winging my way to the United States of America on the first leg of this trip.
First stop Las Vegas to see the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Love Show, the it's off to New York, the main objective of this trip is to be in Central Park at Strawberry Fields for John Lennon's 72nd Birthday.
Hoping to catch up with other Beatles/Lennon fans as we celebrate the man and his music.
A day trip to Washington DC amongst other delights the Big Apple can offer.
Keep watching as this will be the communication spot for my trip.
The countdown has begun
5 weeks to go

Monday, April 2, 2012

My Sea Change

Well I know it's been awhile, but I have been busy!
Firstly I reconnected with some friends from my wild child days back in the 60's.
Say what you like  about Facebook but it's great for connecting with people.
After a few emails we got together and had lunch, it was a great day, remembering old times and people we knew then and now. We are still in touch and another meeting hopefully,
it's a little bit hard as we all live so far apart.

My major event was indeed somewhat dramatic!
The house I was renting was sold and I had to find another place to live, always easier said than done. I wasn't financially able to continue to live in Sydney, no haven't met a millionaire as yet!
So my thoughts turned to where I had lived 18 years previously, the central Coast of NSW.
Did a bit of Googling and a lot of research and finally found my new home.
I'm in Ettalong Beach in a lovely old fashioned duplex.
Sure I had to sacrifice a few books and clear out a lot of clutter from my life but now it's done and wish I had done it earlier.
I then took a major step forward, well that's how I think of it and retired from work!

I now fill my days with my crafting, go down to the beach nearly every day and I also volunteer at the Community Centre as a Computer Tutor for Seniors. The bonus in this is I'm meeting new people, helping people and keeping busy as I plan my Bucket List Trip!

This is the scene 5 min walk from my new home, can you feel the serenity?

Today I did the washing, went to the movies and the beach and am  now at home writing this and it's still early, so I'm off to do some more work on my loom, yes I have a little room dedicated to my craft work it's wonderful

Talk again soon

Oh yes I went and saw 'The Best Marigold Hotel' what a great movie and for us 'people of a certain age' we can so identify with it!