Welcome 2013

Happy New Year Everyone.
Sorry but I need to have a rant, just to get a couple of things off my chest so to speak.
Was down at the beach earlier today, sitting reading my book in a nice spot with not too many people close by. So up walks this random person, female youngish about 30's. And plops down almost in my lap and begins to talk (methinks maybe she's still drunk from the NY Celebrations) but no she's just lonely.
She started off by asking me if I had any children, and then proceeded to complain that her kids didn't even ring her for New Years (she has two both late teens and live with their father).
Then and at this I was shocked, she wanted to track their Mobile phones so she could know where they were at all times. Now I know you need their permission for this and she said she told them at Christmas that this was what she was going to do ( no wonder she hasn't heard from them!).
She went on to say she was having trouble getting this happening. When I told her she needed their permission to do this she became a 'really nice person' and said ' oh you old people don't know anything about technology!"
Yes I let rip and told her where to go!
Why do we stereotype people, sometimes you just might be surprised how much and 'old' person really knows. And I do object to 'old' yes it's OK for me to refer to myself that way in jest but I do NOT give permission for anyone to refer to me that way, or any of my peers!

Another thing whilst I'm on the subject, just because I'm alone doesn't mean I'm lonely. Far from it, I have a great family and friend network and if I need to talk to someone I just pick up the phone. I'm enjoying my retirement and living here on the coast. I'm finally getting into all those things I never had time for before and thoroughly enjoying life.
So if you see me on the beach and I'm reading or just soaking up the sun, sure say Hi, we are a friendly bunch up here but never think I'm a lonely old lady 'cause you sure would be wrong!

Just sayin'
Cheers Nospoj


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