My Sea Change

Well I know it's been awhile, but I have been busy!
Firstly I reconnected with some friends from my wild child days back in the 60's.
Say what you like  about Facebook but it's great for connecting with people.
After a few emails we got together and had lunch, it was a great day, remembering old times and people we knew then and now. We are still in touch and another meeting hopefully,
it's a little bit hard as we all live so far apart.

My major event was indeed somewhat dramatic!
The house I was renting was sold and I had to find another place to live, always easier said than done. I wasn't financially able to continue to live in Sydney, no haven't met a millionaire as yet!
So my thoughts turned to where I had lived 18 years previously, the central Coast of NSW.
Did a bit of Googling and a lot of research and finally found my new home.
I'm in Ettalong Beach in a lovely old fashioned duplex.
Sure I had to sacrifice a few books and clear out a lot of clutter from my life but now it's done and wish I had done it earlier.
I then took a major step forward, well that's how I think of it and retired from work!

I now fill my days with my crafting, go down to the beach nearly every day and I also volunteer at the Community Centre as a Computer Tutor for Seniors. The bonus in this is I'm meeting new people, helping people and keeping busy as I plan my Bucket List Trip!

This is the scene 5 min walk from my new home, can you feel the serenity?

Today I did the washing, went to the movies and the beach and am  now at home writing this and it's still early, so I'm off to do some more work on my loom, yes I have a little room dedicated to my craft work it's wonderful

Talk again soon

Oh yes I went and saw 'The Best Marigold Hotel' what a great movie and for us 'people of a certain age' we can so identify with it!


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