Lil' Bec is Up, Up and Away

As I write this, my friend Lil' Bec is over the Pacific somewhere on her way to visit her sister in America......I'm so jealous!
I finished her headband in time and she's taken it with her. Darn should have gotten a photo of it on her pretty head.
I put it on my glass head stand to take the photo. It was made on my Mirrix Loom

On Saturday night I went with some friends to see The Motown Show at Merrylands RSL, what a top night. The show was fabulous, they performed all my favorites from that era and were as good as the originals - well, you know what I mean.
Akinga is the name of the band that puts on the show, along with added performers, wonderful music made my night!
Live music is to be encouraged, not just live but exceptionally well played and done professionally.
In my job as Zoo Keeper at the Jungle Bar I get to listen and watch many bands and artists and I must say some of them leave quite a lot to be desired!

That's it for this week, I'm going to try and update weekly.
I'm off to warp my loom and make another couple of headbands before starting on my big project....more about that later
Cheers, Dinah

I have a great photo of Bec in the USof A, New York Times Square to be exact, wearing the Headband.
She was on her way to Central Park to put those flowers on the Imagine Circle in Strawberry Fields for me, and there they are, to be honest when I saw that I had a little cry. Hope to be visiting myself one day in the not too distant future. Thanks Bec


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