Into The 21st Century and Beyond

I've done it, I've caught up on all things techie/geeky. I got myself a Tablet PC and love it!
I will be/ am using it for my beading patterns, trying to save some trees.
So with the pattens on my tablet, I don't have to print out anymore and
it's so cool having it beside me as I sit at the loom,
I can keep an eye on Facebook, the news and even watch a tv program, all whilst getting on with my work.
I'm finishing off a Tapestry Beaded Headband for my girl Bec.
Lucky Bec is off to the States on Sunday to catch up with her sister amongst other things.
So jealous.
Not to be left out I am going on a girls night out on Saturday, off to Dinner and a Show.
Will tell you all about it next week.

Till then cheers,


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